IETA DESIGN | design de mobiliário urbano

Ieta Design is a specialized brand for street furniture
As part of IETA S.A., a certified metalworking company for the automotive sector, the brand Ieta Design emerged as a new strategy for the development, production and marketing of own products, supported by the synergies, knowhow and rigour acquired and developed by the company for over 60 years of activity.
Aware of the current importance of urban design for the quality of life of contemporary society, Ieta Design seeks to respond to new challenges, seeing design as a common denominator of cultural identity in the appropriation of space, contributing towards the development of a sense of citizenship.
Driven by social, human and environmental values, Ieta Design sees design as an element of differentiation and technological innovation for its products.
Thus, it develops continuous efforts to register its patents, its models and its community designs, as well as to certify its products and to meet the environmental regulations in force.
Make sure you are purchasing original Ieta Design products.

To create street furniture solutions, while promoting quality, comfort and appropriation of public space acting as a driver for innovation.

To be recognized as creative and innovative company, committed with the humanization of public space.

Creativity and Innovation
Democratic Design
Identity and Commitment
Transparency and Integrity

Ieta Design is comprised of a multidisciplinary team in the fields of design, architecture and engineering that collaborate in an integrated and complementary manner, allowing full control over the products it develops and markets.
2009 National Design Awards - Honourable Mention_ Sena da Silva Award
Sena da Silva Award - distinguishes companies and designers in the following areas: Equipment / Industrial; Communication / Graphic Design; Environment; Fashion / Textile, and Jewellery.

Design Directory 2000/2001 - Promoted by the Portuguese Design Centre
In "Exemplary Cases - Designer Apprenticeships in Companies".

Assessment Guide for Design of Public Spaces - Portuguese Design Centre 2002
Case study - The urban riverfront of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Design Directory 2003/2004 - Promoted by the Portuguese Design Centre
In "Apprenticeships in Companies - Company Testimonials.

Best Of – Promoted by the Portuguese Design Centre 2003
Selected in the category of urban furniture and equipment.

Hall of Fame – Vol. 2 – Design for a Better Quality of Life
Promoted by the ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) – Red Dot Edition - 2007
This publication contains a selection of 55 companies from around the world, which fall within the topic “Design for a Better Quality of Life”.

Diseño Portugués – Un Compromisso con la Industria - Madrid 2000
Integrated within the week "The Profile of Portugal", with the support of ICEP Portugal.

Sine 5 – Design aus Portugal - Berlin 2001
With the support of ICEP Portugal.

Anima – Barcelona 2003
With the support of the POE.

100% Design – London 2006
With the support of the Portuguese Design Centre.

Design Plus – Barcelona 2006
With the support of the Portuguese Design Centre.