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IETA, S.A. hereby sets forth the following terms of warranty on its products, which define the situations that are eligible for claims and the conditions thereof. No other situations not described herein will be covered by this warranty, except through a formal agreement between the parties involved. This warranty is not intended to oppose any possible additional legal rights, but to enhance and complement the customers' rights in order to provide a quality service. For any omissions we reserve the right to examine the specific constraints and to respond accordingly.
Warrantees provided:
All present warranties are offered subject to careful analysis by IETA, S.A. and only the following conditions shall be considered as eligible:

a) IETA, SA undertakes to replace any products or product components with manufacturing or shipping defects (provided the transportation is done by IETA, S.A. or by whom it appointed), since reported no later than 15 days after installation.

b) Warranty for metal structures with finishing work:
2 Years subject to the eligibility conditions of the warrantee.

c) Warrantee for wooden structures with finishing work:
Subject to specific contractual warrantee, notwithstanding the eligibility conditions of the warrantee.

d) Warranty for structures made of other materials:
Subject to specific contractual warrantee, notwithstanding the eligibility conditions of the warrantee.

The following claims received during the period of validity of this warranty will not be considered as eligible:

a) On products damaged by vandalism or by other types of interference impairing the integrity of the objects, such as any changes in public order, or any accident caused by third parties, among other anomalies.

b) On products that are misused or subject to any maintenance operation unauthorized by the company, either in part or in the whole product. The company will be available to negotiate maintenance contracts.

c) Out of the anticipated duration life cycle of the product (depending on the product and duly formalized in the Supply Agreement) no warranties will be considered.

d) On products whose installation has not been carried out by the company, or alternatively, whose installation instructions provided by the company have not been correctly followed. Customers should always ask for all installation instructions whenever they want to take up the installation of the product. When the supply agreement only includes delivery and not the installation, the customer should carefully analyse the contents of the order, prior to installation of any product. Should the customer decide to hire another installing entity, it must confirm in writing the acceptance of the received goods.

e) On any damage caused by climate change or by natural disasters such as floods, etc.

f) We reserve all rights inherent to preserving the property of the original design of the products supplied, not accepting any interventions that may alter their initial properties or the subsequent reproduction by any other entity, for replacement of damaged products out of the scheme of this warrantee.


All products displayed are protected by copyright and / or registered models and design. ©IETA, 2014 Porto. Ieta Design all rights reserved.

We reserve ourselves the right to change, without notice, any product features.